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    Defending & Protecting Our Oceans
    Worlds largest fisheries enforcement agency.
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    Ending Whaling & IUU Fishing
    Since 2015 we have disrupted poachers at sea
    and with success.
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    Research & Development
    Using technology to stop poaching

Who We Are

The International Marine Mammal Conservation Society is a global marine conservation organization founded in 2015, aiming to protect marine animals and ecosystems through research, rescue and rehabilitation, education and direct action. We take on an enforcement role by physically obstructing, harassing and shutting down illegal whaling and fishing activities on the high seas.

Since 2015, the International Marine Mammal Conservation Society has been at the forefront of engaging poachers where no one else wants to or claims it can't be done. We are here to be the last line of defense for wildlife - on land and at sea.

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The Latest

Jan 31st, 2019

Operation Atlantic Shield

Learn more about our upcoming whale defense and fisheries enforcement campaign. …more

How We Use Donations

  • Projects Receive - 85%
  • Fundraising - 14%
  • Legal & Admin - 01%

Learn more about how we use your donations to achieve our mission and stand out from others. …more

In 2016, We Decided To Take Action to stop Norwegian whaling.

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Our Projects
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17 Jan 2019

Operation Atlantic Shield

We are launching our newest and most sohpisticated campaign to date against whaling and illegal fishing in the Atlantic …more

18 Aug, 2018

Global Fisheries Enforcement Fund

Global Fisheries Enforcement is not cheap, we must raise $190,630,776 to stop poaching effectively. …more

01 Jan 2019

Operation Whale Defense 2016

Learn more about our work from previous campaigns defending whales, view footage and more …more

Wherever We Fly, Sail and Operate - The Poaching Stops.

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