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    **CALL TO ACTION** We need YOUR help in defending marine wildlife!
    With your help, we can effectivly protect marine wildlife
    and conduct vital anti-poaching operations. Consider Volunteering
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    Help us Purchase our first vessel! Donate Today!
    With a new ship we can be more efficient and capable.
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    Operation Whale Defense 2017
    Protecting whales in Norway through direct action intervention
    Consider Joining Our Campaign

What We Do

We conduct direct action intervention against whaling and illegal fishing vessels as well as research, rescue and rehabilition and education.

To date our actions have disrupted Norwegian whaling operations and we plan to continue our campaigns in Norway this coming 2017 whaling season. We will be returning with more crew, equipment and skilled crewmembers

Volunteer / Crewing at Sea


24 Feb 2017

Ocean Education

Learn more about our oceans and how you can do your part to help protect our oceans! …more

Our Spendings

  • Projects Receive - 87%
  • Fundraising - 15%
  • Legal & Admin Cost - 02%

Find out how we use your contributions to protect and conserve marine wildlife around the globe. …more

In 1986 2 out of 4 of Icelands whaling vessels were sunk! Today only 2 remain operational

1986 Hvalur sinkings from ArcticDrone.is & ArcticLights.is on Vimeo.

We are determind to stop all whaling activites
Our Campaigns
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24 Feb, 2017
IMMCS Barracuda-940

Ship Fundraiser

Help us build the worlds fastest, Largest and longest range conservation patrol vessel to date …more

24 Feb, 2017

River Clean Up

Create or join a river clean up in your area …more

24, Feb 2017

Operation Whale Defense 2017

We are still looking for more volunteers since the launch of our campaign …more

Enforcing International Conservation Law and Engaging Illegal Vessels at Sea

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